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8 publications

Méresse, Sarah; Fodil, Mostefa; Fleury, Fabrice; Chénais, Benoît

Fucoxanthin, a Marine-Derived Carotenoid from Brown Seaweeds and Microalgae: A Promising Bioactive Compound for Cancer Therapy Article de journal

International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 21 (23), p. 9273, 2020, ISSN: 1422-0067.

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Chabot, Thomas; Cheraud, Yvonnick; Fleury, Fabrice

Relationships between DNA repair and RTK-mediated signaling pathways Article de journal

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Reviews on Cancer, p. 188495, 2020, ISSN: 0304419X.

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Fleury, Fabrice; Demeyer, Alexandre; Weigel, Pierre; Chenais, Benoit; Mathé, Monique; Lebreton, Jacques

Disulfonate stilbenes for use in the treatment of proliferative diseases Patent

WO2020104634A1, 2020.

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Ayadi, Nizar; Lafont, Florian; Charlier, Cathy; Benhelli-Mokrani, Houda; Sokolov, Pavel; Sukhanova, Alyona; Fleury, Fabrice; Nabiev, Igor

Comparative Advantages and Limitations of Quantum Dots in Protein Array Applications Book Chapter

Quantum Dots, 2135 , p. 259–273, Springer, New York, NY, Humana, 2020.


Yaremenko, Ivan A; Coghi, Paolo; Prommana, Parichat; Qiu, Congling; Radulov, Peter S; Qu, Yuanqing; Belyakova, Yulia Yu; Zanforlin, Enrico; Kokorekin, Vladimir A; Wu, Yuki Yu Jun; Fleury, Fabrice; Uthaipibull, Chairat; Wong, Vincent Kam Wai; Terent'ev, Alexander O

Synthetic Peroxides Promote Apoptosis of Cancer Cells by Inhibiting P-Glycoprotein ABCB5 Article de journal

ChemMedChem, 15 (13), p. 1118–1127, 2020, ISSN: 18607187.

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Yaremenko, Ivan A; Radulov, Peter S; Belyakova, Yulia Yu; Demina, Arina A; Fomenkov, Dmitriy I; Barsukov, Denis V; Subbotina, Irina R; Fleury, Fabrice; Terent'ev, Alexander O

Catalyst Development for the Synthesis of Ozonides and Tetraoxanes Under Heterogeneous Conditions: Disclosure of an Unprecedented Class of Fungicides for Agricultural Application Article de journal

Chemistry - A European Journal, 26 (21), p. 4734–4751, 2020, ISSN: 15213765.

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Vil', Vera A; Yaremenko, Ivan A; Fomenkov, Dmitri I; Levitsky, Dmitri O; Fleury, Fabrice; Terent'ev, Alexander O

Ion exchange resin-catalyzed synthesis of bridged tetraoxanes possessing in vitro cytotoxicity against HeLa cancer cells Article de journal

Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, 56 (6), p. 722–726, 2020, ISSN: 1573-8353.

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Lafont, Florian; Fleury, Fabrice; Benhelli-Mokrani, Houda

DNA-PKcs Ser2056 auto-phosphorylation is affected by an O-GlcNAcylation/phosphorylation interplay Article de journal

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - General Subjects, 1864 (12), p. 129705, 2020, ISSN: 0304-4165.

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2 publications

Chabot, Thomas; Defontaine, Alain; Marquis, Damien; Renodon-Corniere, Axelle; Courtois, Emmanuelle; Fleury, Fabrice; Cheraud, Yvonnick

New phosphorylation sites of rad51 by c-met modulates presynaptic filament stability Article de journal

Cancers, 11 (3), 2019, ISSN: 20726694.

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Velic, Denis; Charlier, Cathy; Popova, Milena; Jaunet-Lahary, Titouan; Bouchouireb, Zakaria; Henry, Sébastien; Weigel, Pierre; Masson, Jean-Yves; Laurent, Adèle D; Nabiev, Igor; Fleury, Fabrice

Interactions of the Rad51 inhibitor DIDS with human and bovine serum albumins: Optical spectroscopy and isothermal calorimetry approaches Article de journal

Biochimie, 167 , p. 187–197, 2019, ISSN: 0300-9084.

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3 publications

Deriabin, Konstantin V; Yaremenko, Ivan A; Chislov, Mikhail V; Fleury, Fabrice; Terent'Ev, Alexander O; Islamova, Regina M

Similar nature leads to improved properties: Cyclic organosilicon triperoxides as promising curing agents for liquid polysiloxanes Article de journal

New Journal of Chemistry, 42 (18), p. 15006–15013, 2018, ISSN: 13699261.

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Jaunet-Lahary, Titouan; Vercauteren, Daniel P; Fleury, Fabrice; Laurent, Adèle D

Computational simulations determining disulfonic stilbene derivative bioavailability within human serum albumin Article de journal

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20 (26), p. 18020–18030, 2018, ISSN: 14639076.

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Lafont, Florian; Ayadi, Nizar; Charlier, Cathy; Weigel, Pierre; Nabiev, Igor; Benhelli-Mokrani, Houda; Fleury, Fabrice

Assessment of DNA-PKcs kinase activity by quantum dot–based microarray Article de journal

Scientific Reports, 8 (1), p. 1–12, 2018, ISSN: 20452322.

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3 publications

Yaremenko, Ivan A; Syroeshkin, Mikhail A; Levitsky, Dmitri O; Fleury, Fabrice; Terent'ev, Alexander O

Cyclic peroxides as promising anticancer agents: in vitro cytotoxicity study of synthetic ozonides and tetraoxanes on human prostate cancer cell lines Article de journal

Medicinal Chemistry Research, 26 (1), p. 170–179, 2017, ISSN: 1554-8120.

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Faucon, Adrien; Benhelli-Mokrani, Houda; Fleury, Fabrice; Dutertre, Stéphanie; Tramier, Marc; Boucard, Joanna; Lartigue, Lénaïc; Nedellec, Steven; Hulin, Philippe; Ishow, Eléna

Bioconjugated fluorescent organic nanoparticles targeting EGFR-overexpressing cancer cells Article de journal

Nanoscale, 9 (45), p. 18094–18106, 2017, ISSN: 20403372.

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Alligand, Brendan; Le Breton, Magali ; Marquis, Damien; Vallette, François; Fleury, Fabrice

Functional effects of diphosphomimetic mutations at cAbl-mediated phosphorylation sites on Rad51 recombinase activity Article de journal

Biochimie, 139 , p. 115–124, 2017, ISSN: 61831638.

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6 publications

Silva, Viviane A O; Lafont, Florian; Benhelli-Mokrani, Houda; Le Breton, Magali ; Hulin, Philippe; Chabot, Thomas; ç, Fran; Sakanyan, Vehary; Fleury, Fabrice

Rapid diminution in the level and activity of DNA-dependent protein kinase in cancer cells by a reactive nitro-benzoxadiazole compound Article de journal

International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 17 (5), 2016, ISSN: 14220067.

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Terent'Ev, Alexander O; Pastukhova, Zhanna Yu; Yaremenko, Ivan A; Novikov, Roman A; Demchuk, Dmitry V; Bruk, Lev G; Levitsky, Dmitri O; Fleury, Fabrice; Nikishin, Gennady I

Selective transformation of tricyclic peroxides with pronounced antischistosomal activity into 2-hydroxy-1,5-diketones using iron (II) salts Article de journal

Tetrahedron, 72 (24), p. 3421–3426, 2016, ISSN: 14645416.

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Zdvizhkov, Alexander T; Terent'Ev, Alexander O; Radulov, Peter S; Novikov, Roman A; Tafeenko, Viktor A; Chernyshev, Vladimir V; Ilovaisky, Alexey I; Levitsky, Dmitri O; Fleury, Fabrice; Nikishin, Gennady I

Transformation of 2-allyl-1,3-diketones to bicyclic compounds containing 1,2-dioxolane and tetrahydrofuran rings using the I2/H2O2 system Article de journal

Tetrahedron Letters, 57 (8), p. 949–952, 2016, ISSN: 18733581.

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Sakanyan, Vehary; Hulin, Philippe; Alves De Sousa, Rodolphe ; Silva, Viviane A O; Hambardzumyan, Artur; Nedellec, Steven; Tomasoni, Christophe; Logé, Cédric; Pineau, Charles; Roussakis, Christos; Fleury, Fabrice; Artaud, Isabelle

Activation of EGFR by small compounds through coupling the generation of hydrogen peroxide to stable dimerization of Cu/Zn SOD1 Article de journal

Scientific Reports, 6 (January), p. 1–14, 2016, ISSN: 20452322.

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Faucon, Adrien; Benhelli-Mokrani, Houda; Fleury, Fabrice; Dubreil, Laurence; Hulin, Philippe; Nedellec, Steven; Doussineau, Tristan; Antoine, Rodolphe; Orlando, Tomas; Lascialfari, Alessandro; ô, Jér; ï, Léna; Ishow, Eléna

Tuning the architectural integrity of high-performance magneto-fluorescent core-shell nanoassemblies in cancer cells Article de journal

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 479 , p. 139–149, 2016, ISSN: 10957103.

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Jaunet-Lahary, Titouan; Goupille, Anaïs; Jacquemin, Denis; Fleury, Fabrice; Graton, Jérôme; Laurent, Adèle D

A Joint Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Behavior of the DIDS Inhibitor and its Derivatives Article de journal

ChemPhysChem, 3 , p. 2434–2445, 2016, ISSN: 14397641.

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2 publications

Velic, Denis; Couturier, Anthony M; Ferreira, Maria Tedim; Rodrigue, Amélie; Poirier, Guy G; Fleury, Fabrice; Masson, Jean-Yves

DNA Damage Signalling and Repair Inhibitors: The Long-Sought-After Achilles’ Heel of Cancer Article de journal

Biomolecules, 5 (4), p. 3204–3259, 2015, ISSN: 2218-273X.

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Terent'ev, Alexander O; Zdvizhkov, Alexander T; Levitsky, Dmitri O; Fleury, Fabrice; Pototskiy, Roman A; Kulakova, Alena N; Nikishin, Gennady I

Organocatalytic peroxidation of malonates, β-ketoesters, and cyanoacetic esters using n-Bu4NI/t-BuOOH-mediated intermolecular oxidative C(sp3)-O coupling Article de journal

Tetrahedron, 71 (47), p. 8985–8990, 2015, ISSN: 14645416.

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