François DELAVAT

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Bactériologie, Biologie moléculaire, Microscopie quantitative, hétérogénéité phénotypique bactérienne, comportement individuel bactérien

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Parcours universitaire

2009-2012 : Doctorat en Microbiologie (Aspects moléculaires et cellulaires de la biologie) au sein de l’UMR 7156 à l’université de Strasbourg (France), soutenance le 05/10/12

2007-2009 : Master « Biologie des micro-organismes » à l’Université de Strasbourg (France)

2006-2007 : Licence 3 « Biologie cellulaire et physiologie » à l’Université de Strasbourg (France)

2005-2006 : Une année de « Diplom in Biologie » à l’Université de Düsseldorf (Allemagne)

2003-2005 : Licence 1 et 2 en Biologie à l’Université de Bretagne Sud à Vannes (France)


1 publication

Rahmani, Alexandra; Delavat, François; Lambert, Christophe; Goic, Nelly Le; Dabas, Eric; Paillard, Christine; Pichereau, Vianney

Implication of the Type IV Secretion System in the Pathogenicity of Vibrio tapetis, the Etiological Agent of Brown Ring Disease Affecting the Manila Clam Ruditapes philippinarum Article de journal

Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, 11 , p. 634427, 2021, ISSN: 2235-2988.

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1 publication

Carraro, Nicolas; Richard, Xavier; Sulser, Sandra; Delavat, François; Mazza, Christian; van der Meer, Jan Roelof

An analog to digital converter controls bistable transfer competence development of a widespread bacterial integrative and conjugative element Article de journal

eLife, 9 , p. 1–40, 2020, ISSN: 2050084X.

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Delavat, François; Moritz, Roxane; van der Meer, Jan Roelof

Transient Replication in Specialized Cells Favors Transfer of an Integrative and Conjugative Element Article de journal

mBio, 10 (3), 2019.

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Delavat, François; Bidault, Adeline; Pichereau, Vianney; Paillard, Christine

Rapid and efficient protocol to introduce exogenous DNA in Vibrio harveyi and Pseudoalteromonas sp. Article de journal

Journal of Microbiological Methods, 154 , p. 1-5, 2018, ISSN: 0167-7012.

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Delavat, François; Miyazaki, Ryo; Carraro, Nicolas; Pradervand, Nicolas; van der Meer, Jan Roelof

The hidden life of integrative and conjugative elements Article de journal

FEMS Microbiol Rev, 41 (4), p. 512-537, 2017.

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Delavat, François; Mitri, Sara; Pelet, Serge; van der Meer, Jan Roelof

Highly variable individual donor cell fates characterize robust horizontal gene transfer of an integrative and conjugative element Article de journal

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 113 (24), p. E3375-83, 2016.

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Pradervand, Nicolas; Delavat, François; Sulser, Sandra; Miyazaki, Ryo; van der Meer, Jan Roelof

The TetR-Type MfsR Protein of the Integrative and Conjugative Element (ICE) ICEclc Controls both a Putative Efflux System and Initiation of ICE Transfer Article de journal

Journal of Bacteriology, 196 (22), p. 3971–3979, 2014, ISSN: 0021-9193.

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Pradervand, Nicolas; Sulser, Sandra; Delavat, François; Miyazaki, Ryo; Lamas, Iker; van der Meer, Jan Roelof

An operon of three transcriptional regulators controls horizontal gene transfer of the integrative and conjugative element ICE clc in Pseudomonas knackmussii B13 Article de journal

PLoS Genet, 10 (6), p. e1004441, 2014.

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Delavat, François; Lett, Marie-Claire; Lièvremont, Didier

Yeast and bacterial diversity along a transect in an acidic, As–Fe rich environment revealed by cultural approaches Article de journal

Science of The Total Environment, 463-464 , p. 823-828, 2013, ISSN: 0048-9697.

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Delavat, François; Lett, Marie-Claire; Lièvremont, Didier

Remediation using arsenite­ oxidizing bacteria Book Chapter

Santini, J M; Ward, S A (Ed.): 5 , Chapitre 11, CRC Press, 2012, ISBN: 9780415697194.

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Delavat, François; Phalip, Vincent; Forster, Anne; Plewniak, Frédéric; Lett, Marie-Claire; Lievremont, Didier

Amylases without known homologues discovered in an acid mine drainage: significance and impact Article de journal

Scientific Reports, 2 (1), p. 1–6, 2012.

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Delavat, François; Phalip, Vincent; Forster, Anne; Lett, Marie-Claire; Lièvremont, Didier

Deciphering the role of Paenibacillus strain Q8 in the organic matter recycling in the acid mine drainage of Carnoules Article de journal

Microbial cell factories, 11 (1), p. 1–10, 2012.

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Delavat, François; Lett, Marie-Claire; Lièvremont, Didier

Novel and unexpected bacterial diversity in an arsenic-rich ecosystem revealed by culture-dependent approaches Article de journal

Biology Direct, 7 (1), p. 1–14, 2012.

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