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- février 2023
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Palve, Vinayak; Bagwan, Jamir; Krishnan, Neeraja M; Pareek, Manisha; Chandola, Udita; Suresh, Amritha; Siddappa, Gangotri; James, Bonney L; Kekatpure, Vikram; Kuriakose, Moni Abraham; others,

Detection of high-risk human papillomavirus in oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma using multiple analytes and their role in patient survival Article de journal

Journal of global oncology, 4 , p. 1–33, 2018.

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Li, Wei; Hong, Ru; Lai, Lan-Tian; Dong, Qiman; Ni, Peiling; Chelliah, Rosi; Huq, Mehnaz; Ismail, Siti Nadirah Binte; Chandola, Udita; Ang, Zhiwei; others,

Genome-Wide RNAi Screen Identify Melanoma-Associated Antigen Mageb3 Involved in X Chromosome Inactivation Article de journal

Journal of molecular biology, 430 (17), p. 2734–2746, 2018.

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Hong, Ru; Chandola, Udita; Zhang, Li-Feng

Cat-D: a targeted sequencing method for the simultaneous detection of small DNA mutations and large DNA deletions with flexible boundaries Article de journal

Scientific reports, 7 (1), p. 1–8, 2017.

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Chandola, Udita; Das, Radhika; Panda, Binay

Role of the N6-methyladenosine RNA mark in gene regulation and its implications on development and disease Article de journal

Briefings in functional genomics, 14 (3), p. 169–179, 2015.

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Nair, Jayalakshmi; Jain, Prachi; Chandola, Udita; Palve, Vinayak; Vardhan, Harsha N R; Reddy, Ram Bhupal; Kekatpure, Vikram D; Suresh, Amritha; Kuriakose, Moni Abraham; Panda, Binay

Gene and miRNA expression changes in squamous cell carcinoma of larynx and hypopharynx Article de journal

Genes & cancer, 6 (7-8), p. 328, 2015.

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