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Our offers:

UFIP currently offers a research engineer (M/F) fixed-term contract.

  • Research engineer (M/F) in bacteriology, molecular biology

    General information

    Reference : UMR6286-BEROFF-002
    Workplace : NANTES
    Date of publication : Friday, October 19, 2018
    Type of Contract : FTC Technical / Administrative
    Contract Period : 18 months
    Expected date of employment : January 07, 2019
    Proportion of work : Full time
    Remuneration : Between € 2,422 and € 2,792 gross monthly according to experience
    Desired level of education : PhD
    Experience required : Indifferent

    FTC worksheet : emploi.cnrs.fr

  • Missions

    The research engineer who will be recruited will have the mission to contribute to the optimization of the incorporation of modified monosaccharides by the control of the glycans biosynthesis. In this context, he will have to conceive, develop, adapt and experiment new methodologies within the framework of the topic of the metabolic labelling of sugars, or the metabolic engineering. This topic has recently emerged as an effective strategy for modifying in vivo the cellular glycans, in particular glycoproteins and glycolipids expressed on the surface of cells. This approach is based on the metabolic incorporation of a modified monosaccharide, carrying a bioorthogonal function that can serve as a reporter group or anchor. The biorthognal function thus beared by the sugar, after insertion into the glycan structures, can then be exploited through chemoselective ligation reactions to, for example, visualize the presence of the glycan for diagnostic purposes or to perform screening on living cells. The work will be carried out on E. coli and developed strategies transposed to Vibrio cholerae, the agent responsible for cholera.


    The recruited person will be brought to

    • over-express, introduce or knock-out genes involved in monosaccharide metabolism and the biosynthesis of glycans incorporating this monosaccharide
    • perform directed mutagenesis experiments,
    • perform the transformation of plasmids
    • Evaluate qualitatively and quantitatively the efficiency of changes made by flow cytometry and gel electrophoreses, especially after fluorescent labeling of metabolites
    • analyze, interpret the results
    • disseminate the results in the form of written reports, scientific publications and oral communications.


    Expected knowledge

    • thorough knowledge in microbiology required
    • consolidated knowledge in biochemistry and molecular biology required
    • knowledge of engineering of bacterial metabolism desired
    • knowledge of health and safety regulations for experiments in biology
    • good level of scientific English

    Operational skills

    • proven skills in utilization of molecular biology and / or biochemistry tools
    • practice of bacterial cultures
    • experience in studying the expression of surface polysaccharides would be a plus but not essential
    • ability to work in a team and to interact with actors coming from different disciplinary fields
    • ability to use classical office software
    • know how to write scientific documents in English- know how to communicate orally in English

    Work Context

    The work will be carried out within the "Molecular Engineering & Glycocobiology" team of the Protein Functionality and Engineering Unit, UMR CNRS 6286 located on the Lombarderie campus of the Nantes Faculty of Science and Technology. The team specializes in glyco-enzymology and glyco-technology applied to the development of antimicrobial agents, vaccines or drugs. It is an interdisciplinary team developing expertise in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology as well as in immunology and in the study of sugar / protein interactions. The work is part of an ANR funding involving, in addition to this team, modellers of the Unit and a partner specialized in chemical biology located in the Paris Region.

    Constraints and risks

    Work on vibrios will be carried out in an L3 laboratory located in the city center of Nantes within the Institute of Health Research 2 - IRS2

    Additional Information

    Contact person for more information about this offer :

    Dr Cyrille Grandjean, , (+33) 251125732
    Dr Emilie Camberlein, ,