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Our Lab
Our Lab

Photo: Bernard Offmann
Bernard OFFMANN (PU)

Photo: Cyrille Grandjean
Deputy director:

The Functionality and Protein Engineering Unit (UFIP) is a research laboratory that conducts fundamental research in biochemistry (in-vitro, in-vivo and in-silico) focused on the function of proteins. It studies in particular how protein interactions and modifications modulate their functionalities and biological activities. In this respect, the lab implements molecular and cellular approaches using both conventional and original biological study models. The Unit has multiple skills enabling it to develop multidisciplinary research at the frontiers between biology, chemistry and computational biology. Its activities also include the development of bioinformatics and biotechnological tools. Some of the projects in the lab are conducted with academic or industrial partners and focus on applications in health and biotechnology.
UFIP is a lab that associates both University of Nantes and CNRS. It is located on the site of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Nantes and occupies an original position in the scientific context of Nantes, developing in particular collaborations between the Health Department of the Faculties of Medecine and Pharmacy that comprises several INSERM Units and the Chemistry and Computer Science departments of the the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, where the CNRS is very active.

The lab is organized into 5 research teams. It also hosts part of the IMPACT technological platform dedicated to the study of molecular interactions and a competency cell D-ZYME that promotes our know-how with the industrial sector :

UFIP teams and platform: