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Organisation chart
  • B. Offmann (Director)
    C. Grandjean (Deputy director)
    Common utilities
    IMPACT platform (Biogenouest)
    C. Charlier (IE Univ)
    P. Weigel (Resp.)

    Secretariat Office
    F. Landry

    D-ZYME - Expertise cell of CAPACITÉS
    A. Saumonneau
    P. Weigel (Resp.)
    Research support
    Health and safety
    E. Courtois

    Scientific animation
    C. Duc
    H. Benhelli-Mokrani
    E. Camberlein
    C. Miral
    Y.H. Sanejouand
    Training officer
    G. Cueff
    V. Ménil

    Y. Chéraud
    J. Hendrickx (CSSI)

    GMO accreditation
    in the process of renewal

    B. Offmann

    Life of the Lab
    H. Benhelli-Mokrani
    C. Charlier
    P. Gervier
    F. Landry
    D. Marquis
    B. Offmann
    T. Violo
  • Team 1:
    Protein Design in Silico
  • Y.H. Sanejouand (DR CNRS, 13)

    B. Offmann (PR, 64)
    S. Téletchéa (MCU, 64)
    V. Tran (PR émérite, 64)

    J. Hendrickx (IE CNRS, Doct.)
    L. Hoffmann (IE CNRS)

    S. Dhingra (Doct.)
    E. Gheyouche (Doct.)
    M. Velusamy (Doct.)
  • Team 2:
    Molecular Engineering and Glycobiology
  • C. Grandjean (CR CNRS, 12)

    C. André-Miral (MCU, 32)
    E. Camberlein (MCU, 64)
    F. Daligault (MCU, 32)
    A. Defontaine (MCU, 65)
    C. Tellier (PR émérite, 64)

    A. Fateh (AJT Univ)
    A. Lambert (AI CNRS)
    C. Solleux (T Univ)

    A. Naretto (Doct.)
    L. Ogonda (Doct.)
    A. Pillot-Charron (Doct.)
    M. Prasana (Doct.)
    T. Violo (Doct.)
  • Team 3:
    Mechanism and regulation of DNA repair
  • F. Fleury (PR, 64)

    H. Benhelli-Mokrani (MCU, 64)
    Y. Chéraud (MCU, 69)
    D. Levitsky (PR émerite, 66)
    P. Weigel (MCU, 64)

    E. Courtois (AI Univ)
    G. Cueff (T Univ)
    D. Marquis (T Univ)
    C. Pruvost (AJT Univ)

    I. Amrani (Doct.)
    T. Chabot (Doct.)
    A. Demeyer (Doct.)
  • Team 4:
    Epigenetics : proliferation et differentiation
  • C. Thiriet (CR CNRS, 22)

    G. Auda-Boucher (MCU, 69)
    C. Duc (MCU, 64/65)

    P. Gervier (AJT Univ)
    V. Menil (T CNRS)
  • Team 5:
    Microalgae epigenomics and interactions with the environment
  • L. Tirichine (DR CNRS, 23)

    A. Sebart-Groisillier (IR CNRS)

    X. Zhao (PhD student, CSC)
    A. Hoguin (PhD student - IBENS)