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Glycobiology team
Molecular Engineering and Glycobiology

Team leader: Cyrille GRANDJEAN (CR CNRS)

Members: Charles TELLIER (PU), Michel DION (PU), Corine ANDRE-MIRAL (MCU), Emilie CAMBERLEIN (MCU), Franck DALIGAULT (MCU), Alain DEFONTAINE (MCU), Cyrille GRANDJEAN (CR CNRS), Annie Lambert (AI CNRS) , Claude SOLLEUX (TU, Univ), Amina FATEH (AJTU), Amélie SAUMONNEAU (Post-Doc), Christophe DUSSOUY (Post-Doc), Typhaine VIOLO (Doct.), Nataliya STOROZHYLOVA (Doct.), Maruthi PRASANNA (Doct.), Aline PILLOT (Doct.)

Objectives : The team develops new enzymatic and recognition tools for Glycobiology. The project relies on the use of original know-how at the chemistry/biology interface.

Chimio-enzymatic synthesis of oligosaccharides and glycoconjugates :

  1. Engineering of new transglycosidases : the team has developed innovative strategies for converting glycosidases into transglycosidases. Our main objective was to shed light on the structural and dynamic factors that control the transglycosylation / hydrolysis balance in the mechanism of the selected glycoside.
  2. We propose general approaches to enhance transglycosidase reaction over hydrolysis in several glycoside hydrolase families (α-glucosidases, α-galactosidases, α-fucosidases, α-arabinofuranosidases, sialidases, N-acetyl-glucosaminidases). Such engineered transglycosidases are evaluated for the synthesis of various oligosaccharides: sialylated and fucosylated human milk, parasitic antigens, prebiotics…)


Tools for sugar/protein interactions :

  1. Design of specific inhibitors of Galectins for further validation as therapeutic targets (wound-healing, arthritis diseases).
  2. Engineering of sugar binders (lectins, CBM, new protein scaffold) for targetting and diagnostic applications.
  3. Anti-infectious glycotechnology: Our efforts aim at improving glycoconjugate vaccines notably upon designing particulate vaccines for mucosal immunization (cholera, anthrax, pneumococcal infections)


Know-how :

  • Protein engineering and directed evolution.
  • Chemo-enzymatic synthesis.
  • Bio-organic chemistry, bioconjugaison, glyco-chemistry .